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Who We Are

Being in tune with seismic shifts is naturally ingrained in Angelenos. For almost two decades, we’ve kept an eye not just on the real estate market, but on the nuances of the way the industry itself is evolving. Like a lot of industries, there’s been a long-growing trend toward monolithic companies and automating the client’s experience. But in residential real estate—a business rooted in emotion, communication, and a personalized experience—we decided to turn away from a trend that we believe is destined for backlash.

After learning important lessons from different brokerages over the years, suddenly there was a possibility to merge the two worlds we knew worked best: nationally ranked tech and boutique brokerage functionality. Side, a white-label brokerage, supports us with the industry’s leading technology and national reach while allowing us to work independently as a boutique firm. With this powerful silent partner, we’re able to run a brokerage with no pretense and no shareholders; our priority can always be our clients, not investors in our company.

As we set out to grow what was once a small, misfit team of endlessly hardworking Realtors for people who don’t like Realtors, our last task was coming up with a name. How do we succinctly explain who we are and what we do?

In my past life as a professional drummer, I was singularly focused on creating a solid foundation for my bands’ songs. A strong backbeat anchored each track and allowed my band mates to weave their magic on top of it. I’m not a frontman; I’ve always done my best in the background as the support system that allows other people to succeed.

When my daughter was born I was still touring, and at two years old she barely recognized me. She was the reason I gave up the road and chose to pursue real estate. The backbeat I was in charge of shifted from supporting my band to supporting my family and my clients. I found that there were through-lines in songwriting, parenting, and helping people with their real estate dreams. The main thing that seemed obvious was my place- in the background, keeping the beat. Saying, “This isn’t about me,” in the midst of other people’s lives seems obvious, but in an ego-driven business like ours, you’d be surprised.

I ran the naming question by my daughter, who’s grown into an extremely talented musician in her own right. Knowing all that she knows about music and about us, she said, “Why not Backbeat?” And as it tends to be, the clarity was instantaneous. Backbeat Homes: the through-line supporting you, keeping the pace, and helping establish the foundation of your real estate experience.

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